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About Us

About Us

Peter Montgomery Mastering is a Ireland based dedicated audio mastering & vinyl cutting facility. We offer Mastering services to independent artist, labels and major labels both online and attended sessions are available.

The studio is equipped with world class equipment from "Weiss Engineering, Gyraf Audio, SPL Audio, Prism Sound, Maselec, Cranesong Audio, TC Electronic" Check out the "Studio section" for more info.

The studio is located 3 miles on the south side of Mullingar, Co. Westmeath in an peaceful countryside setting.

Don't hesitate to call or drop us an email


Audio Mastering Desk

Peter Montgomery // Engineer.

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"I have a love for great sounding music and much more for working on great sounding records....."

Peter Montgomery.

Mastering Engineer.

Phone: +353(0)894926271


Find me on LinkdIn.

I first became involved in Mastering and cutting records for Irish and International bands and DJ/Producers in late 2004 on a Presto 6N manual lathe which lovingly restored to working order and now has a home in a youth center in The Hague teaching young people to cut their records and keeping the art alive. After a number of years I have moved onto cutting on a world famous "Scully" stereo cutting lathe system with "Westrex 3DII A" cutting head and Hypex amplifiers.


I also have a keen interest in electronic systems. I have built many units for my studio using top industry components. The latest of which is the "Barry Porter NETEQ", which is used as a correctional EQ in my desk. I find a lot of zen in my solder iron and enjoy winding down with it and a cup of coffee.


I enjoy been out in the field as well as been in my studio. From time to time you can find me teaching local courses and lecturing at local colleges about audio mastering.


I have been involved in the music industry for over 20 years now, working as a mix engineer, a live engineer, mastering engineer and a session musician. I have also worked with many "Top 40" "Grammy winning" artist and have many top 10 albums and No1 singles in Ireland and across Europe.


. I am also an avid supporter of Independent Labels, Bands and Collectives and try to help out as many of these however I can.

Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions. Fill out the contact form and I will get back in touch ASAP.

Contact me:




  • Aisling Jarvis

  • Aine O'Boyle

  • ...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead

  • Affected Youth

  • Alabama 3

  • Anon Records

  • Cursed Monk Records

  • Columbia Mills

  • Cian Finn

  • Def Nettle

  • Daniel Jordan

  • Damien Dempsey

  • Daithi

  • Emileo

  • Esse Egesse


  • Eist

  • Jinx Lennon

  • John Spillane

  • Liam O'Maonlaí

  • Paranoid Visions

  • Ronan O Snodaigh (Kila)

  • State Lights

  • Travis Oaks

  • The Rebel Souls

  • Bagatelle

  • Analog On

  • Acid Nab

  • Balmr

  • Bicep

  • Blood In Water

  • BMG UK

  • Brawni

  • Band 66


  • Bobby And The Blunts

  • Bonobo

  • Birmingham NEC

  • Bikini Island Studio

  • Billy Spike Island

  • Blue Tide Music

  • Bninjas

  • Brendan Melia

  • Castle Arcade

  • Circuit Structure Records

  • Conor Hamilton Long

  • Conor Mason

  • Crafty Fuzz

  • Cult Called Man

  • Cronin

  • Chris Duignan Henry

  • Crazy Horse Records

  • Cruiser

  • Dark Tropics

  • Darragh O Dea

  • Deepologic

  • DCU College Choir

  • Duck

  • Donal Finn

  • Don't Tell Mum

  • Doxy

  • Doug Cooney

  • Emporer Of Ice Cream

  • Euan Murphy

  • Ed Rooney(The Jung Turks)

  • Eoin Dolan

  • Eric Reilly

  • Expect Nothing

​       Faction Records

  • Francis Black

  • Froman

  • FYUN

  • Friendmaker

  • Fit For Kings

  • Foinse

  • Good Strangers

  • Guy Montag

  • Ham Sandwich

  • Hickory Wind

  • Hendricks Toth

  • Hi5 Orchestra


  • House Plants

  • Inishowen Gospel Choir

  • International Connection

  • Inner City Radio

  • Invisible Operator

  • Jawdropper

  • Jack Of Dub

  • Jasper Rua

  • Jack-K

  • Jeffs ManCave

  • John Of The Apocalypse

  • Kipunji

  • Kiro

  • Kevin Neary

  • Konno

  • Lavery

  • Larry Beau

  • LAUX

  • Lights In The Sky

  • Laetare Vocal Ensemble

  • Late City Edition

  • Lights Over Pheonix

  • Maleta Company

  • Mato Kano

  • Midweek

  • Midas

  • Minev

  • Marabou

  • Marvel Knight

  • Moog Sound Labs

  • Murdoc

  • Morda

  • Molly Dowling

  • Moya Brennan

  • Mode One

  • Moderat

  • Mute The TV

  • Matt Purcell & The Silverminers

  • Nicolas Vogler

  • No Audio Dialogue

  • Nomadic rituals

  • New Gods

  • Oceanna

  • Page One

  • Paul Melia

  • Pauric Omera

  • Pete Mullineux

  • Pillow Fort

  • POJ

  • Presh

  • Steve Wall

  • Strange Boy


  • SleepingBears

  • Sloucho

  • Skinner

  • Small Circles

  • Saint Agnes

  • Selu

  • Skanger

  • Skull The Pierre

  • Some Ones Sons

  • Steven O Brien

  • Stephen Mahoney

  • Sofa Movement Records

  • RY65(Little Hours)

  • Remote Off

  • Ryan Mack

  • Rough Trade Records

  • Roving Crows

  • Rustal

  • Hot Rod Hearse

  • Rasmas Faber

  • Ragged Record Company

  • RIP Records

  • Rowdy Outsider

  • The Oaks Studio

  • The Leon Stax Equation

  • Tujacques

  • The Deans

  • The Donnys

  • Tome

  • The Debutanes

  • Twin Headed Wolf

  • Tye & Dye Records

  • Triptik Empire

  • Underworld

  • Uisce Jones

  • Vinyl Frnt Recordings

  • Velvet Alibi

  • Vxeno

  • Vagabonds & Thieves

  • Vision Collector

  • Weed Priest

  • Tex Bates

  • The Barcelo Brothers

  • The Living Things

  • The Mechanical Man

  • The Walls

  • The Stunning

  • The Hobos

  • The Victory

  • The Trash Blues

  • The Future Sound Of London

  • The Living Stream

  • The High Leaves 

  • The Noble Front

  • TOM

  • Toe Rag Studios

  • Tame Impala

  • Turf Shed Productions

  • Trainroom

  • Trad Lib

  • Twn Cnfg Records

  • Ugolino

  • Diarmuid Sutton

  • Richard Schlotz

  • Robin James Hurt

  • Roger Kelly

  • Rachel Walsh

  • Rufus Nightjar

  • Pixie Cut Rhythm Orchestra

  • Polaris

  • YOB

  • XiXi

  • Zach James Douglas

  • Zydnax

  • and many more.....

Domino Records

Heading 1

Warner Music Group
Constellation Records
Ninja Tune
Rough Trade Records

What Our Clients Say

Def Nettle











Absolutely amazing work man. I love the master! 

I am feeling lucky to have come across you. Love your masters!

Artist ; Def Nettle

Track ; Various












Give me some of that Black magic /arts that you so wonderfully work on my music please Mr Montgomery. 

Artist ; Clover

Track ; Various

Punk Rock











Excellent communicator, very responsive and a skilled engineer to boot.

In short, he's a dude.

Artist ; Cruiser

Track ; Various

Ragged company Recordings











Peter is my go to for my mastering needs. He understands and discusses exactly what you're after in a final master and will go to great length to make sure you walk away happy with your project every time. You gotta love that analog sound.

Artist ; RC Recordings

Track ; Various










Peter at CHR is the consummate professional — our default mastering engineer. He has mastered two of my albums and several more albums and tracks for colleagues. CHR's range is broad—they are sensitive to a wide range of musical styles in a manner appropriate to the genre/sub-genre, and to the format. This mastering house uses an exquisitely-curated range of digital and analogue equipment to deliver a pristine product — CHR understands pedigree in pro-audio sound and always delivers a detailed and present production.

Artist ; Analog on

Track ; Various

moderat underworld bonobo











Thank you Peter! You did an amazing job, thanks for understanding what I wanted, working it out perfectly and turning it around so quickly. Absolute legend

Artist ; Robin James Hurt

Album : And We For One Another

folk rock










Peter is a great guy, had my song mastered in no time at all and did a fantastic job!

Artist ; Benjamyn

Track ; Various










Great Mastering Engineer. Peter was extremely professional and on time with every master we worked on for my EP. The result sounded fantastic. Couldnt recommend more!

Artist ; Brawni

Track ; Various











Peter is a true gem of the mastering world. He's incredibly easy to get along with and works extremely hard to get only the sound that you want out of your recordings. Peter has mastered my last two EPs and each time it has been a wonderful experience where he has been incredibly helpful and accommodating with any changes I've had. 100% the most responsive and hardworking mastering engineer I've ever had the pleasure of working with. 10/10 could not recommend him anymore!

Artist ; Skinner

Track ; Various

Eoin Dolan










Peter is a fantastic engineer. He is very patient and a brilliant communicator. Would definitely recommend.

Artist ; Eoin Dolan

Track ; Various










Top class mastering engineer, worked with him many times and will continue to do so in the future!

Artist ; Castle Arcade

Track ; Various

Castle Arcade


Russellstown, Mullingar,

Co. Westmeath, Ireland.

Tel: +353(0)89 4926271



Mon - Fri: 10am - 6pm

​​Saturday: 12pm - 6pm

Thanks for submitting!

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