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Audio Mastering is about fine tuning all those little nuances that make a great record sound great on any given system.

Below you will find a list of what we use to achieve this.

Our studio desk employs both analogue and digital concepts. From top of the line units and custom units specifically built for the studio.



  • Maselec MTC2 Transfer Console

  • Barry Porter Net EQ

  • SPL PQ Mastering EQ

  • E.A.R 825Q M

  • E.A.R 660 Comp/Limit X2

  • Chiswick Reach Vari MU

  • Maselec MLA3

  • Elysia Xressor NEO W/Trafo Box 

  • Weiss DS1 MK2 Compressor 

  • Weiss EQ1 DYN LP



  • Various DMG Audio, Softube, Izotope, Sonnox, Fabfilter, Sonoris  etc etc.....



  • Bower & Wilkins 802M

  • Hypex Monoblocks.

  • TC Electronic Clarity

  • Cranesong Avocet

  • Cranesong Quantum DAC

  • Prism Sound Orpheus

  • Weiss AF1 AES Distribution

Gyraf G14
Chiswick Reach Vari MU Weiss DS1 Elysia Xpressor Neo EAR660
Barry porter net EQ
TC Electronic Clarity
Chiswick Reach Vari Mu
Weiss AF1 Barry Porter Net EQ TC Clarity EAR825 EQ
SPL PQ Barry Porter Net EQ EAR825 EQ
Elysia Audio
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